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JCSE, vol. 8, no. 3, pp.149-156, September, 2014


Stroke Width Based Skeletonization for Text Images

Minh Hieu Nguyen, Soo-Hyung Kim, Hyung Jeong Yang, and Guee Sang Lee
Dept. of Electronics and Computer Eng., Chonnam National University, Gwangju, South Korea

Abstract: Skeletonization is a morphological operation that transforms an original object into a subset, which is called a ‘skeleton’. Skeletonization has been intensively studied for decades and is a challenging issue especially for special target objects. This paper proposes a novel approach to the skeletonization of text images based on stroke width detection. First, the preliminary skeleton is detected by using a Canny edge detector with a Tensor Voting framework. Second, the preliminary skeleton is smoothed, and junction points are connected by interpolation compensation. E

Keyword: Skeletonization; Stroke width; Tensor voting; Text image

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