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JCSE, Volume 16, Number 3, September, 2022

Front Matter (Front Cover, JCSE Information, Editorial Board Information, TOC)

JCSE, vol. 16, no. 3, pp.120-120, September, 2022
Analysis of Theoretical Bounds in Noisy Threshold Group Testing
Jin-Taek Seong
JCSE, vol. 16, no. 3, pp.121-128, September, 2022
Isolation of Shared Resources for Mixed-Criticality AUTOSAR Applications
Junghwan Lee and Myungjun Kim
JCSE, vol. 16, no. 3, pp.129-142, September, 2022
Effect of NTT on Performance of AODV in a Grid Topology-Based Wireless Ad Hoc Network
Saurabh Sharma, Alok Singh, and Rajneesh Kumar Srivastava
JCSE, vol. 16, no. 3, pp.143-152, September, 2022
Fish Freshness Identification Using Machine Learning: Performance Comparison of k-NN and Naive Bayes Classifier
Anton Yudhana, Rusydi Umar and Sabarudin Saputra
JCSE, vol. 16, no. 3, pp.153-164, September, 2022
Low-Dimensional Vector Representation Learning for Text Visualization Using Task-Oriented Dialogue Dataset
Taewook Hwang, Sangkeun Jung and Yoon-Hyung Roh
JCSE, vol. 16, no. 3, pp.165-177, September, 2022
Switching DNN for Autonomous Driving System
Yu-Seung Ma, Hojae Han and Seung-won Hwang
JCSE, vol. 16, no. 3, pp.178-184, September, 2022
Back Matter (Instructions for Authors, Back Cover)

JCSE, vol. 16, no. 3, pp.184-184, September, 2022

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