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JCSE, vol. 4, no. 4, pp.368-387, December, 2010


Registration of 3D CT Data to 2D Endoscopic Image using a Gradient Mutual Information based Viewpoint Matching for Image-Guided Medialization Laryngoplasty

Yeny Yim, Mike Wakid, Can Kirmizibayrak, Steven Bielamowicz, James Hahn
Department of Computer Science, The George Washington University, Washington, USA The George Washington University Medical Center, Washington, USA

Abstract: We propose a novel method for the registration of 3D CT scans to 2D endoscopic images during the image-guided medialization laryngoplasty. This study aims to allow the surgeon to find the precise configuration of the implant and place it into the desired location by employing accurate registration methods of the 3D CT data to intra-operative patient and interactive visualization tools for the registered images. In this study, the proposed registration methods enable the surgeon to compare the outcome of the procedure to the pre-planned shape by matching the vocal folds in the CT rendered images to the endoscopic images. The 3D image fusion provides an interactive and intuitive guidance for surgeon by visualizing a combined and correlated relationship of the multiple imaging modalities. The 3D Magic Lens helps to effectively visualize laryngeal anatomical structures by applying different transparencies and transfer functions to the region of interest. The preliminary results of the study demonstrated that the proposed method can be readily extended for image-guided surgery of real patients.

Keyword: Image Registration, Visualization, Image-guided surgery, Medialization laryngoplasty, Image Registration, Visualization, Vocal folds

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