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JCSE, vol. 3, no. 4, pp.218-237, December, 2009


Designing Technology for Visualisation of Interactions on Mobile Devices

Kristine Deray Simeon Simoff
University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia|University of Western Sydney, Australia

Abstract: Interactions are intrinsic part of what we do. We interact when we work, when we learn, whenwe visit a doctor, and when we play. With the advent of information and communicationstechnology we can collect rich data (video, audio, and various transcripts including text chat)about such interactions. This opens an opportunity to monitor the dynamics of interactions andto get deeper insights of how they unfold and deliver this information to the interacting parties.This paper presents the design of a technology for visualising information about the dynamicsof unfolding of interactions and presenting it in an ambient display on mobile devices. Thepurpose of this technology is the delivery of such information to the point of decision making.

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