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JCSE, vol. 4, no. 1, pp.52-52, March, 2010


Preface for the Special Issue on Mobile and Networking Technologies for Modelling Social Applications and Services

Fernando Ferri, Patrizia Grifoni, Irina Kondratova, Arianna D'Ulizia, and Maria Chiara Caschera
National Research Council of Italy, Italy|National Research Council of Canada, Canada

Abstract: Three papers of this special issue, out of five papers, were published already in the December issue of JCSE in 2009. The two remaining papers are hosted in the present issue. Some portion of the preface for the special issue is repeated here to set the background and to introduce the two papers.

In the recent years researches on social, mobile and networking technologies have made rapid progresses, also considering the pervasiveness of the Internet as new platform for social interaction and stimulus of the growing demand for advanced mobile services. Our purpose in organising this special issue was to stimulate the scientific and technological discussion among academic and industrial research groups motivating them in developing innovative models for Mobile and Networking Technologies in Social Applications and Services.

The submitted papers have been reviewed by at least three reviewers and, five papers have been accepted for the special issue according to these reviews. These papers address various issues connected with mobile devices, technologies and service delivery.

One of the firstly emerged areas, closer with the mobile service delivery, is the Mcommerce, in which public and private organizations have intercepted good perspectives for their organizational, communication and business network improvement. The first paper, titled "A Framework for Investigating Mobile Web Success in the Context of E-commerce: An Analytic Network Process Approach" describes a framework to investigate mobile web success factors in the context of e-commerce, and an approach to find out the relative importance of these factors. This work provides a further proof that the Web and mobile technologies have produced the shifting from the information and data oriented to the resource-oriented perspective considering data, information and services as resources.

The attention to the user perspective can also be found in the second paper, titled "Usercentered Design of m-Learning System: Moodle on the Go" In particular, this paper discusses and demonstrates the importance of the user as a central element of the designing process for mobile learning applications, according to their features of portability, social interactivity, connectivity and individuality. The paper provides some experimental evidence of the need for adopting a user centred approach when designing a usable and accepted mlearning application.

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